BEYOND Festival 2024

Utopia, Dystopia, Comedy: The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Shape It Yourself

Artificial intelligence, the climate crisis, and the impending ecological collapse not only impact the natural world in which we live but also our economic, political, social, and technological systems. These crises are a challenge to our current global civilization and thus a task for the arts.

Therefore, BEYOND Film Festival Future Design focuses on change and its effects. These narratives include "Utopia," the imagination of desirable improbabilities, "Dystopia," undesirable probabilities, and "Comedy," for it will be laughter that sets us free. We welcome national and international films that tackle ecological and societal problems, films that compel society, politics, and corporations to think critically and, above all, to act. We are looking for films that create new narratives and ideas for the 21st century and design alternative futures.

Together, we can shape a new, sustainable future. At BEYOND, we think beyond the present to envision a better tomorrow.