Over the coming decades new technologies will change our lives and the way in which we perceive it beyond our imagination.
The Future Design Institute is a creative and critical collaboration of science, technology and art, an experimental laboratory for new art forms and perspectives on the social, political and environmental impact of those new technologies and trends in a global context.

Future -Design-Thinking is not only concerned with ART but with the art of thinking about and the way of shaping the future actively and consciously based on values which are humanistic, affirmative of the notions of universal human rights, including individual freedom, sexual emancipation, and environmental responsibility.

The “The Future Design Institute” participates in the promotion of new emerging technologies and their dissemination to and assimilation by a broad audience through the work of professionals. As a key mission it will act as an laboratory and an observatory on art, science and new uses of the latest digital technologies, thus promoting the role people play in the anticipation of social change and making the future technologies democratically accessible to individuals around the world.

Main objectives are to attract wide attention on these technologies and generate debates and interest to stimulate their use by independent artists and unrepresented groups in the community, to bring emerging new artistic practices into visibility inside the framework of a critical global cultural dialogue, and to recognize the potential these technologies offer in shaping and strengthening the cultural identity of minorities.
The Future Design Institute needs to contributes to people’s assessment of their local identity and appropriation and works on local solutions for global problems respecting their local environment. At the same time it encourages cultures and helps to bridge between different sensibilities.

The Future Design Institute is an interdisciplinary and highly intercultural project based on mobility-led research, teachings and cultural creation. It focuses on the encouragement of peoples’ creativity and free expression availing itself of the latest and upcoming technologies leading to higher participation of the audience, changing their role from consumer to producer/creator.
The Future Design Institute will encourage peoples’ creativity and offer tools to appropriate one’s surrounding. Future Design will stimulate the use of innovative creative tools and integrate those experiences into a bigger narrative of utopian realism. Future Design involves a “quantum leap” in dramaturgy, a paradigm change in audio-visual media, from image to stage, and from historical structure to space-time architecture and space-time-narratives.

Humans are story-driven animals and the human cultures are more made out of stories than of atoms. Cultures, religions, nations and political systems even the currency and the market are nothing more than stories Inter-Subjective Phenomenon’s people believe in.
The Ideas and Narratives of Today are the foundation of tomorrows History.

The Future Design Institute creates not only new Design but also new Narratives for the Future creating probabilities AND desirable improbabilities BEYOND the Imitation of Life as we know it and resolving the antagonism between nature and technology.

Considering the risks and possible collateral damage connected to the upcoming new technologies, especially artificial intelligence, scientist and artist have to take a stand for their values openly discussing the potential and the risks and formulate a vision for EUROPE and BEYOND.